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2 Million Tonne Extension at Bowling Green Quarry Complex June 2017
Challenge to EA at RTPI/MPA Summer Conference
Planning Permission to 2095
LMM secure new Wood Recycling Permit

LMM success in Enforcement Appeal with costs

2 Million Tonne Extension at Bowling Green Quarry Complex June 2017
Oxfordshire County Council have issued planning permission for a major quarry extension at Hills Bowling Green Quarry Complex just outside Faringdon. From submission of the application to the issuing of the consent was 9 months which included a legal agreement.

LMM prepared and submitted the planning application with accompanying Environmental Impact Assessment as the lead consultant and assisted with the legal agreement.

The extension releases reserves of 1.6 million tonnes of and 0.6 million tonnes limestone securing the future of quarrying at Bowling Green for the next 20 years. The approved restoration is back to agriculture at original levels using imported backfill.

At the Planning Committee one of the Councillors stood up to put on record that in her long career she had never known of such a major development going through without any objections from either consultees or members of the public. LMM take this as a 'pat on the back' from the council. Needless to say Hills were also pleased as to how smooth and quick the process was.

5 July 2017 - © Land & Mineral Management

Challenge to EA at RTPI/MPA Summer Conference
In a 5 minute long question to Harvey Bradshaw, Executive Director of Environment & Business at the Environment Agency and speaker at the RTPI / MPA Summer Conference, Lucy Binnie challenged the EA saying that the utopian organisation which Mr Bradshaw had just described bore absolutely no relationship to the experiences of minerals and waste practitioners involved in permitting at the grass roots. Mr Bradshaw’s belief that Bespoke Permits were dealt with in 77 days and Standard Rules in 30 days were dismissed by Lucy who gave example after example of the problems experienced by those who have to manage an unnecessarily complex and laborious system on behalf of clients. She also drew attention to the;

-Contradictory advice from different teams or regions;
-Changing advice from pre-app to application;
-Providing unnecessary or duplicated advice or requests for information;
-Unacceptable delays in validating permit applications; and
-The lack of regard to the EA’s stated “desirability of promoting economic growth”

The question was roundly applauded almost unanimously by the 200 delegates in support of Lucy’s view. Mr Bradshaw could give no answer but suggested that conference delegates may wish to email him with questions or views and promised to answer every email personally. His address is:

25 May 2017 - © Land & Mineral Management

Planning permission to 2095
Cornwall Council has granted planning permission to reconfigure Carnsew Quarry thereby enabling the extraction of 22 million tonnes of granite over the next 80 years. Accepting that they should not constrain development by limiting the planning permission, the Council has allowed it to run until 31st December 2095. Land & Mineral Management advised Colas on the development strategy and managed the planning application on their behalf. In his address to Cornwall’s Strategic Planning Committee, John Salmon said, “Carnsew Quarry will provide possibly the most strategically important, long term aggregate reserve to supply Cornwall’s needs throughout the 21st century”.

21 October 2016 - © Land & Mineral Management

LMM secure new Wood Recycling Permit
LMM applied and were granted a new environmental permit for A&A Recycling Ltd’s Meriden site. Following the revision of standard rules permit SR2011No4 many wood recycling companies have had to apply for new permit. A&A were amongst these but they also wanted to increase their throughput beyond the previous 75,000tpa limit to 150,000tpa.

LMM prepared their application which included a bespoke Fire Prevention Plan which sought storage limits in excess of the EA guidance.

6 October 2016 - © Land & Mineral Management

LMM success in Enforcement Appeal with costs
LMM has successfully challenged an enforcement notice in connection with a change of use from B1 to B2 as a wood processing business. LMM challenged the notice on a number of grounds which were considered by the Inspector who ultimately nullified the EN.

LMM are very pleased with the result and in particular the an award of full costs to our client.

Whilst we strive to avoid appeals or enforcement action, in this instance an enforcement notice was unavoidable as Taunton Deane Borough Council’s Planning Committee were determined to take swift enforcement action following refusing a retrospective application which had officer recommendation for approval. The rushed actions of the authority and legal inadequacy of the EN directly led to appeal outcome.

30 September 2016 - © Land & Mineral Management

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